Day 1 on wordpress

So this is my maiden voyage, so to speak. I have never blogged before, so bear with me 🙂 I will be posting some ideas and recipes for low carb eaters, I myself am an avid Atkins follower. I love food, cooking, creating new recipes, tweaking other peoples recipes to suit my personal tastes, so I started this to post my successful recipes and tweaks! Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do.♥


10 thoughts on “Day 1 on wordpress

  1. Hey Cori! Found you on the Atkins site and came over to look at your recipes. All I can say is THANK YOU…I didn’t know there were so many possibilities on Atkins. I’m in the Induction Phase right now for another few weeks-I’m doing something wrong-cuz I’m not losing. My name on Atkins is “wildwings” stop in and drop me a line some time. I need a friend who knows what’s goin’ on.
    If not, let me just say I think you are a real help to all of us who struggle day to day to “do the right thing” foodwise!
    Enjoy the Life,


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