How to Cook an Artichoke

1. Cut top of artichoke off about 1″

2. Trim pointy tips of leaves off with kitchen shears

3. Trim stem so it’s flush with bottom of artichoke globe

4. Fill large stockpot with  a steam basket with 2 quarts water and bring to a boil over high heat

5. Put trimmed artichokes in steamer basket over boiling water, cover, reduce heat to med-high and steam for 45 minutes without lifting lid.

6. Enjoy them! If you do not know how to eat an artichoke… You peel each leaf off and scrape the meaty portion into your mouth using your teeth and tossing the rest of the leaf, once you have eaten all the leaves and have reached the purple leaves inside, take a spoon and scrape those little purple leaves and the little “hairs” on the top of the heart into the garbage, I cut the heart into 4 pieces and enjoy every bite of that heart!

7. Many people like butter to dip in, or plain mayo, but I like to use a mixture of 2 Tbsp Mayo, 1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder and 1/2 tsp. Lemon Juice. Very Tasty.


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