Jalapeno Poppers


Simple simple recipe…

Cut top off jalapeno, slice in half and remove seeds and light colored membrane parts.

Fill each half with 1 Tbsp cream cheese and wrap each filled half with a piece of bacon.

Bake at 400 on a foil lined baking sheet for about 30-35 minutes until bacon is crisp.

It’s only 1.5 net carbs for 2 poppers! They are soooo good!

Notes: I tried these with maple flavored bacon and they were fantastic!!! Also, the bottoms of the poppers can get very greasy during baking and if that bothers you, you can place a drying rack in the pan and cook the poppers on that to eliminate the extra greasiness.

18 thoughts on “Jalapeno Poppers

  1. I found your site from the Atkins post you made. This recipe looks sooo yummy, and I’m going to try it soon! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Julie 🙂


  2. CORI!!!!! OMG! they are sooooo good! I knew I would love them. I made 4 whole peppers so I could have 2 now and 2 later, HA! I ate all 4 in one sitting!!! that’s only 6 net carbs for a whole meal and that’s exactly how I ate them, as a meal. It’s a perfectly balanced meal if I say so myself too! veggie carbs, fat, protein, perfect! can’t wait to make more! Thanks for the recipe! -Cyndi


  3. Finally made these tonight – very good! Family loved them~ I’ll make them again to take to a party this weekend. Thank you, Cori!


  4. Hey Cori, I made your Jalapeno poppers last night and I found that I didn’t care for them when they were hot because I found them too greasy and I couldn’t really taste the flavors of everything but when I had them cold, OH MY they were DELICIOUS. I could really taste all the flavors and I LOVE D THEM. I will most definitely make these again but cook them a bit longer so the bacon is crisp. The bacon wasn’t quite crisp so maybe that’s why I didn’t care to much for them when they were hot. Thanks Cori for your great site and recipes.


  5. I got your receipe from the thread on Atkins. I bought all of the ingredients and will be making them tonight. I can’t wait to taste them! I will keep you posted. Thank you.


  6. These are so yummy and creative! I have to make them again when I can have my dairy, I also tried them with regular bell peppers just as good! I had use up the bell pepper the only reason but just as good!


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