Low Carb is Most Definitely Not Deprivation


Sitting down to dinner with my family and I glance over at the spread before me and am compelled to snap a pic and tell you all about it. So many people make snide comments about low carb (not to me. No one makes snide comments to me). All someone needs to do is take a look at this perfectly balanced low carb meal and realize that this way of eating is perfect in every way. One protein portion, 2 vegetable portions. How could that possibly be unhealthy?
    Crockpot roast beef, steamed asparagus and loaded baked cauliflower. This meal rivals any restaurant fare and takes the figurative cake, by a landslide. So next time someone says a word to you about how unhealthy low carb is… smile and nod. Anyone who argues with an idiot is a fool themselves. I’m preventing diabetes. My mother and grandmother both have it. I am taking the steps needed now, at 40, so I am not facing that diagnosis myself. Rock on with your bad selves and eat low carb!

Love, Tattoos and Resilience ~~Cori

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