My Routine


     Breakfast was never a part of my daily life before low carb. I ran on coffee and sheer exhaustion for most of the first half of my day. “They” say it throws my body into starvation mode and I would hold onto everything I cram into it when I finally would stop long enough to shovel some fast food deep fried garbage down my gullet. I say “they” because good lord, have you tried to Google healthy eating lately? The results would give even Jillian Michaels a brain injury just trying to weed through it all. Seems like everyone is an expert nowadays.
     I don’t know about all that, but I do know that I feel better when I don’t drink as much coffee and eat some eggs instead. Go figure! So, eat up guys and dolls. Your body will thank you.

Love, Tattoos & Resilience~~Cori

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