Basic is anything BUT basic!


    The thought of a bun-less burger might make some people cringe or just shake their head in confusion and yet it might just make someone eating low carb just to lose weight a little sad to think about going to get fast food with the kids and having to strip down their value meal to nothing but a skimpy burger patty with American cheese. Although I have been in those shoes, this day was not that day!
     One third pound black angus steak burger, grilled to juicy perfection and then I topped it with creamy Harvarti before it hit my plate. A long (LONG) way from sad meals at fast food joints, this burger got loaded with all the fixings.  The best part? No bun to hide the wonderful flavors. Thin sliced onions and avocados, ripe Roma tomatoes, sugar free sweet gherkins, stone ground mustard, mayo and reduced Sugar ketchup, fresh romaine, oh MY!
     Yes, bun-less is actually better. Not only am I combating the line of diabetes in my family amongst the women but I get to shed some weight in the process. What a wonderful thing indeed.

Love, Tattoos & Resilience~~Cori

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