All About Me

Welcome to my page!

I started this at the request of a friend of mine.

I am an avid Atkins follower and am constantly creating new low carb recipes and looking for more recipes from other people. I enjoy tweaking other people’s recipes to suit my tastes and I love to discuss new ideas regarding low carb food.

I will be posting new recipes as they are created, Enjoy!

I started my Atkins journey on October 22, 2010 after many years of yo-yo dieting and even tried Atkins 3 times prior to this journey. I would start a plan with guns blazing and within a few weeks I was either so hungry from eating low fat and low calorie or just plain lost interest in what I was doing. This time is different. I am loving every minute of it, enjoying the food immensely and I love the friendships I have created among the other forum members. The support is absolutely phenomenal and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


So, here we go again… I’m about to start once again on my Atkins journey February 23, 2015.

In the last few years that I have NOT been following a low carb life, I got sober (yay me! I’m a recovering alcoholic with over 3 years sobriety at this time), I got divorced (again, yay me!), I met the love of my life and got engaged! That one gets a humongous YAY ME! I was also diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder. I am bi-polar type 2 and have to take medications that keep me sane, but prevent weightloss and some even encourage it. Gives an all new meaning to the phrase “fat and happy”. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world though. I have two great teenage daughters who also suffer with depression and anxiety so that’s a challenge but worth it! I have a wonderful fiance that I absolutely adore and love with all my heart and soul, and I have more confidence today than ever before in my life.

The only thing I struggle with is my weight. I have back and hip pain because of the extra pounds. My mom and my grandmother both have diabetes, that scares me. I have too many reasons to not keep on with a low carb life. I’m excited to share this journey with you all. I am now a 39 year old, sober, mother and fiance who wants to have a healthy and serene future of peace and love.


Bam! Here I am, once again… starting at my heaviest weight ever… January 20th, 2016 at 235lbs. Broken by carbohydrates. I’m fat, I’m in pain and I am fear of diabetes. Both my mother and my grandmother have diabetes and I have to learn to stay the course Unless I want to be number 3 in the diabetic line.


8 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Just found your blog as I was browsing Pinterest. This is my second week on Atkins and I’m so glad I found your website! I can’t wait to try your sausage gravy with bacon cheddar scones.


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