Low Carb Noms!

Low Carb Finds Worth Mentioning

These are a crunchy salty wonderful snack that totally cures that “need to crunch” snack attack!

3 thoughts on “Low Carb Noms!

  1. A very well explained, scientifically based and flexible nutrition plan which includes vegan, vegetarian and ethnic options. Even if you choose to not follow the plan, you will be left understanding the dangers of a high sugar diet. If you have any questions about the science, I would suggest that you “google” the prestigious authors of this book. I am mortified by the number of reviews by those that have not read the book and have no idea about its contents. I highly suggest that you read this book and judge for yourself.


  2. If you’re overweight or just want a healthier way to live, read the book, do your research and then try it. BUT you have to do it properly and educate yourself.

    The authors of this book have made great strides in bringing the science behind this diet to the general public – they’ve made the science much easier to understand and if you understand the science and what is going on with your body when we eat the way we do, the easier it is going to be.

    The Atkins way of eating is for LIFE, it isn’t just a 4 week diet where you lose some weight then revert back to your old ways.

    A typical day’s eating for me is: b/fast – mixed vegetable omelette; lunch – very large salad with tuna, mayo, avocado; dinner – roast pork, broccoli, mushrooms, sprouts and onions with a chocolate cheesecake with raspberries and cream for dessert. Tea, coffee and water to drink. Not that bad is it?

    btw, vegetarians and vegans can follow Atkins, no problem – I have a family member who is doing great on it.


  3. A few years ago I lost a little over 100lbs on Atkins. I continue to follow eating low-carb and have kept the weight off and keep it off this whole time. My health is excellent and I enjoy eating. My doctor has about 50 patients who have followed the diet and have kept the weight off. Several of them HAD diabetes or other health problems that cleared up.

    I use to eat the way the USDA stated everyone should eat, and I just got fatter. Maybe eating the way some government nutritionist who has never been fat states is fine when you are already healthy and you eat whole, unprocessed foods. But when you are 100lbs overweight eating 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice or pasta is not good for you.

    I bought this book yesterday at Borders and read it in about two hours. It is a good book and I like the fact that it takes the best of the books Dr. Atkins wrote and combines it with new research. There is less emphasis on low-carb products than on other books written by Atkins Nutritional after Dr. Atkins died.

    I don’t understand why people get so upset with the principles of an Atkins. I have a blood sugar of 65, my blood pressure is 110/65 and my HDL is 80 and my LDL is 20. I will still have someone who follows the USDA diet and is 50lbs overweight telling me I am killing myself with eating a lot of fat. In reality, I am probably eating less `bad’ fat, and eating more veggies and fruit than someone following a `healthy’ diet.

    I have met people who eat low-carb and are not healthy and those that are. I have met vegans that are healthy and those that look sickly and 20 years older looking than they really are. Find what works for you and don’t knock what everyone else does.


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